Why Choose Predict Vision?


We are a young startup with a lot of experienced professionals and passionate collaborators doing what they love the most , helping people. Helping people to achieve their dreams , companies to achieve their goals and patients to get help from healthcare professionals. We create AI tools, but above everything still the human to human interaction is what matters for us.


Despite being a young startup we are supported by respected institutions like MaRS in Canada , HealthCare City in Portugal , Startup Chile , Japan Government through the Jetro and NVIDIA.We were supported by Eretz.bio in Brazil also.


We understand the market and the technology and more important , we understand our customers business. AI is just a tool and as a tool it must be aligned into the business strategy. Every organization in the health system has processes, procedures and systems with room for improvement.


We don't want just to sell Artificial Intelligence, we want to build a long lasting partnership and build a win-win situation all the time. For us , the most important pillar to implement AI is trust. We will have access to critical information , we are going to help our partners to reshape the future , so they must rely on us always. It is what drive us everyday, have the trust from ou partners.


We understand technology from the human perspective.

Helping companies embracing the art of the possible means realizing what's possible today, setting up the best preparations for the tech advancements of tomorrow, and not letting perfect be the enemy of good.

We help companies go through meaningful change requires a thoughtful perspective of the complex healthcare system and the individuals who work within it. Develop a plan that addresses those complexities and fits your business culture.