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We are an AI startup specialized in the Healthcare industry. Healthcare industry is very complex and when it comes to the emerging technology , mainly Artificial Intelligence the barriers are huge and it is vital to understand how the industry works.

The growth of artificial intelligence in healthcare market is mainly driven by growing demand of precision medicines, effective cost reduction in the healthcare expenditure, and rising funding in healthcare artificial intelligence. In addition, growing need for accurate & early diagnosis of the chronic diseases and disorders further support the growth of this market. However, reluctance in adopting AI technologies among the end users, lack of trust, and potential risks associated with AI in healthcare is restricting the growth of this market to some extent.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized by the healthcare industry in various applications such as patient data and risk analytics, medical imaging and diagnosis, drug discovery, precision medicine, hospital workflow management, and patient management as it applies various human intelligence-based functions such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving skills on different disciplines such as biology, computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, and engineering.

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