Artificial Intelligence

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For us the fundamental piece to build a successful Artificial Intelligence project is not Data, but Trust and Transparency.

Transparency, because we always tell the truth , only few companies are ready to adopt and implement AI and if it is your case we will tell you that first you need to do the homework and organize your information. We are here to help, not just to sell.

Trust, AI is a hype and unknown for many ,without a basic understanding of the AI technology it can bring fear. To remove those barriers we share the knowledge , so will be able to build something meaningful and powerful together.

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Artificial Intelligence Platform


Time is essential when it comes to the hemorrhagic stroke.Our Neuro Artificial Intellgence support tool can help nurses and doctors diagnose stroke fast and accurately, saving precious time whenever a patient arrives


Lung diseases sometimes are silencing without symptoms. Our Lung AI tool can help doctors to detect diseases at early stage.


Become a trained specialist in dermatoscopy take years of specialization. Our Dermatology AI tool will help dermatologists diagnose diseases.



Ophthalmology is a much need specialization as the population get older. Our AI model can help doctors to overcome the work overload.


Mental Health is a growing concern worldwide, mainly among the young people.Our AI model aims to help diagnose at early stage.


AI is hype word and it is becoming popular, but knowing the fundamental of the technology can help you define the best strategy.We can help.


Assessment is the start point of our work, before any AI model development starts,we evaluate the current state of the customer information and processes, the "AS-IS" state.

In case you are not AI ready we develop a plan, so you will be able to adopt AI in a proper way. Setting up the best preparations for the tech advancements of tomorrow.

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